PADMA HARE Yoga was formed by our willingness to exchange knowledge with people around the world in order to grow a little bit more with harmony and peace in our day to day life, trying to find our true self in the present moment.


Our main objective is to provide moments of relaxation, self-awareness, spiritual and personal development, and within our retreats we improve the opportunity to meet people from different cultures expanding horizons, making new friends and relieving the stress of everyday life, renewing the energies and allowing ourselves to change, to evolve, breaking down personal barriers that may be preventing our evolution.


For this goal we offer yoga classes, holistic experiences, Yoga Teacher Training Courses and Retreats for Spiritual Immersion, which are filled with Yoga practices, Kirtans and Rituals from several lines, all connected to the elemental nature of the Universe and its different energies, some lectures on Yoga and Spirituality, and of course, leisure time and tracks in the nature.


If you're feeling that you need all this and you want to learn more about yourself, contact us!

We are willing to work together with you to expand and share knowledge as the great planetary family we are!


24th to 30th of June 2019

Intensive course in a retreat format.

(meals and accommodation included)


19, 20 and 21

26, 27 and 28 of July 2019

Two weekends - nonresidential training.

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08th to 31st of January 2020

Intensive course

(meals and accommodation included)




Amazing! I can't believe this was your first intensive course! It was a truly beautiful and empowering experience!

You both are so knowledgeable of the yogic lifestyle, and your personalities and teaching styles complimented one another!

I could not be more thrilled to have had the opportunity to study yoga in this location, and with you both as amazing instructors! Namaste, Lexi 



This course is amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in yoga.. Firstly having two passionate teachers who look after the students so well and make sure they leave with as much knowledge as possible!! i can't thank you enough for giving me this experience and your patience to help me grow as a person, what I got from this course is life changing in many way!! Lots of love to you guys and best of luck



Rebeca and Leo are the best yoga teacher trainers you can hope for! They're knowledgeable, caring, patient and always in a good mood. They brought me what I was looking for and I'm grateful for that. I've learnt a lot with them! Thank you so much!



Rebeca & Leo, what a team!

You can tell they have a genuine “mission” to spread yoga & it’s benefits to as many as posible! The training was created in a comfortable environment, their knowledge & methodical approach builds up your body & mind for what it involves being a yoga teacher!

“Yogis” on & off the mat, namaste!!

“Your opening to life and ability to flow with it is reflected on the way you breathe."