About Us

Padma Hare Yoga Shala was born in 2015 in New Zealand. Its location is "around the world", as its founders are travel addicts and are always seeking to specialize while expanding their knowledge by exploring different cultures.


The experience traveling and studying in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, India and Spain has provided Rebeca and Leo with different worldviews and advanced enhancement in the areas of Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Healing, Ayurveda and Sacred Dances.
After a long period living abroad, they are now in Brazil, where they offer Yoga classes, Energy Development and Meditation groups in Canoas - RS.
Rebeca and Leo also conduct Workshops, Retreats and Yoga Teacher Training. The courses involve Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing and Bio-Energy. They also teach in seminars, workshops or courses attending to invitations from other organizations.


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Rebeca Petry Padma Hare

Rebeca Petry (Amrita Priya)

(Co-founder of Padma Hare, Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga and Yoga Dance Teacher, Holistic and Massage Therapist, E-RYT)

Involved with spirituality and personal development from a very young age, Rebeca has participated in Santo Daime rituals, meditations and psychic development since she was 16 years old. Yoga practice was introduced to her in 2004, and since then she has been in love with it. She graduated massage therapist in 2007 and traveled to New Zealand, where she lived for two years and had the opportunity to work as a therapist at the well rated Body Sanctum Spa in Queenstown, and learn different techniques with therapists from all over the world. Rebeca began her path teaching yoga after her Yoga Dance teacher training, a practice that brings together two ancient arts and aims to harmonize the chakras and awakening within each of its sacredness and personal power, increasing self-esteem and self-love. What also aroused her desire to further her studies in the holistic and shamanic therapies, thus with friends who tread the same path of spirituality, she created a meditation group for personal and psychic development in Novo Hamburgo-RS. She graduated in Vinyasa Yoga in Australia during a fourteen months trip with her husband Leo, where both were in the search for knowledge, professional development and personal and spiritual growth. They also traveled to New Zealand, Thailand and Spain, where they had the opportunity to live, work and experience the culture of each place and learn different techniques of teaching used in each country. They have also been to India, where she completed an advanced course in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. Many other specializations in the yoga and holistic field have been in Rebeca's constant knowledge seek routine. At the moment she is taking a Masters Degree in Tradicional Chinese Medicine which will be a big addition to the Yin Yoga practice and study. She constantly reminds herself and others that "we always have something to learn, we will never achieve supreme knowledge about everything, and it is important to always be ready and with the "cup empty" for more. We lose so much thinking that we know everything, we lose so many opportunities to learn more."

Rebeca is now focusing in training future yoga teachers with the aim of awakening the best in each one of the students, preparing them to be great teachers.

She only teaches regular classes to a few long time students, which aim to gain more from yoga than just physical benefits. She guides them through a deeper practice envolving asanas, kryias, pranayama an meditation. 

Leo Shivaluna

(Co-founder of Padma Hare, Ritual Guide, Bio-energy and Massage Therapist, Musician, Writer, Architect, Post Graduated in Philosophy)


Leo graduated from Architecture and Urban Planner major in 2007. During his academic period in 2004, Leonardo took a very important step in his spiritual quest, associating with great friends and opening a clinic with holistic therapeutic grounds, the Byocentro. His life began to be filled with activities aimed at facilitating rituals and spiritual studies. In the same year, Leonardo entered the world of Bioenergy, and through the hands of his Master Maria Hillesheim in Porto Alegre, a new world was opened to him - the world of free thought universality and the magic mysteries. Leo married Rebeca in 2014. Marriage with Rebeca filled his life with light and new horizons. They traveled a bit around the world to make contacts with different people and felt great cultural diversity in this little planet of apparent differences. In this first round the world spent a year between Australia and New Zealand, Leonardo acted as a massage therapist and a bio-energy therapist. They left the Oceania passing through Thailand and Spain for a few months and finally returned to Brazil at the end of 2015. Recently, in mid-2016, Leonardo and Rebecca had the privilege of spending a few weeks in India, deepening their knowledge in the arts of yoga and meditation. Leonardo and Rebeca are now based in Canoas, South Brazil, working as holistic therapists and teaching regular yoga classes. They also teach in workshops and yoga teacher trainings in Brazil.


“The World is very vast in opportunities and the Universe is way too complex. We need to remain calm and accept life, slowly, awakening and paying attention to the signs that appear at all times. That is why we want to share with you our personal energy and the knowledge we are gaining in the hope of learning more and more and growing together as a planetary community, filling our lives with harmony, truth and love.”

Leo Fontana A.S Chaitanya

Leo A S Chaitanya Padma Hare