About Us

About Us

Born in New Zealand in June 2015, Padma Hare Yoga Shala is a Yoga School and a space for self-discovery, currently offering various courses and workshops to train teachers or help practitioners deepen their knowledge. After a period of living outside Brazil, we returned at the end of 2015, where we built our story with much love for spreading this fantastic practice.

Its current base is in the city of Canoas, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, but we like to say that its field of action is "the world", as we always seek to specialize and teach as much as possible during our travels, while exploring different cultures.

Our experience traveling and studying in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, India, and Spain has allowed us to incorporate different views about the world we live in, and has helped us to deepen our practices of meditation, asanas, and yoga as a philosophy of life.

We also work in partnerships for workshops and short-term courses outside of Canoas, in the areas of Yoga and Meditation, either through our own organization or by accepting invitations from other organizations.

We continue to venture forth, following our hearts in all the decisions we make. As a result, sometimes we are absent to study more, travel more, and live the experiences that await us in other corners of our planet.

We are eternally grateful to the Universe for the opportunity to tread the paths we have already walked, and for so many others that continue to open up before us. We thank our hearts, which have so wisely guided us thus far, and we immensely appreciate all the students who have trusted us to receive teachings of yoga.

Rebeca Petry

Rebeca Petry

Rebeca is the co-founder of Padma Hare and has been practicing yoga for almost 20 years, but it was just over a decade ago that the practice became a constant part of her life. Trained in Vinyasa Flow (Australia), advanced Hatha Yoga (India), Ashtanga Vinyasa (India), Yin Yoga (Australia), Aerial Yoga (Floripa) and Yoga Dance (Garopaba), in addition to countless other courses and workshops in pranayama, meditation and holistic therapies that Rebeca took in the many places she visited on her travels around the world. She is a registered experienced yoga teacher with advanced training by Yoga Alliance International, E-RYT500.

There were many courses, experimenting with different practices, but she chose to dedicate her work to the practices that were her basis for in-depth study, Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga.

In order to acquire more knowledge for application in the practice of Yin Yoga, she took a masters degree in Biological-Natural Studies with an specialization on acupuncture. Her academic dissertation was based on the oft-used phrase that yin yoga is like acupuncture without needles, and the results of the controlled study was very promissing, when over 90% of the issues of the participants were considerably reduced or disapeared.

Rebeca also graduated and has been working as a systemic constellator since 2020 and has been developing work to expand the systemic perspective through the practice of Yin Yoga, which has brought very positive results and feedback from students.

Involved with spirituality and personal development from an early age, she has participated in Santo Daime rituals, meditations and mediumistic development since she was 16 years old. For seven years, together with her husband (Leo) and her mother, she has facilitated the Kirtandaime rituals monthly at the school.

"I have many masters, many of them teach me just with a smile or a gesture without me even needing to know their names. Others are renowned yoga instructors, gurus, and wise writers, authors of books that have made me grow a lot. I honor each one of them with the same importance, everyone played a special role in my journey and search. Just as I honor the master that lives within me. I try to show each student who comes to us that each one of them has a master within, ready to take the reins of tehir own life and flourish as the being of light that each one is." Rebecca Petry

Leo Shivaluna

Leo Shivaluna

Co-founder of Padma Hare, Leo began his practices and studies on the path of yoga in mid-1998, but it was when he met Rebeca, in 2013, that this philosophy took on greater proportions in his life. And until the moment came to meet her, his journey always had many movements aimed at the search for self-knowledge within different areas of spirituality and energetic development.

He is an architect and urban planner by training, but he never left aside his spiritual search. In 2004, he opened a holistic therapeutic clinic together with great friends, ByoCentro, where he began his life as a facilitator of ritualistic activities and deeper spiritual studies. Being guided and inserted into the world of Bioenergy through the hands of Master Maria Hillesheim, where a new world was opened for him, the world of Universality, Free Thought and the Mysteries of Magic. During all these years he involved himself, body, mind and soul in the knowledge and rituals of Santo Daime and Aumbram, becoming a facilitator of those (and other) activities aimed at energetic development, based on the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood .

In 2015, Rebeca and Leo established the Padma Hare School in Canoas. On two occasions, 2016 and 2018, they had the privilege of spending some time in India deepening their knowledge in the arts of Yoga and Meditation. And since 2017, he has been training new instructors on the path of Yoga, teaching in the subjects of Meditation, Philosophy and Anatomy of Yoga, in the different yoga styles that the School teaches.

As of 2020, he has also been offering his work as a Systemic Constellator, integrating this technique together with the practices of Yoga and Meditation, in an attempt to help expand humanity's consciousness.

“The World is too vast in opportunities and the Universe is too complex for the human mind. We need to remain calm and accept life, little by little, waking up and paying attention to the signs that appear at all times. That is why we want to share with you our personal energy and the knowledge we are acquiring along the way, in the hope of learning more and more, and growing together as a planetary community, filling our lives with harmony, consciousness, truth and love.” Leo Shivaluna